The shuffle feature in winamp sux...

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Sep 30, 2004
Ive been using winamp for quite a while, but Ive finally gotten sick of its crappy shuffle feature. It seems like it picks 20 songs out of the 2000 I load and just plays them over an over:mad:

So what would be a good replacement? Basically I just wanna load all my mp3s into it ( or just show it where they are) , put it on shuffle and let it go. I dont need fancy displays or any other wistles or bells.

i've had the same problem. apparently winamp really likes U2- mysterious ways. i think it might have something to do with the newer version's net search function on what's going on with the artist ::shrug:: that's why i change up my playlists every couple of weeks
NeedMoreEmo said:
I second Foobar, it's a good program.

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Ryokurin said:
a good reason to upgrade if you havent, they have done a few things to try to correct it. it still occurs but its much unlikely nowadays.

but the company shut down and there will never be another upgrade