Ontopic The "Should not have done that" thread V. Sexual Misdeeds


Vegan Bow Hunter
May 24, 2018
Mid MIchigan
Wonder what issues she's got going on with that thing only retards will hit it.
Not sure, as nukes noted, she isn't "bad", might actually be kinda cute if she wasn't sitting there like a deer in the headlights in court.
Just because someone is in special education doesn't mean they are slow. Could be for emotional issues, could be for dyslexia, idk.
*The "R" word while, admittedly properly descriptive in the mental development of some of those people, is not fairly applied to all of them - and most consider it politically incorrect or just mean. story:We have a lady who works at local Kroger - looking at her I thought for sure she was one of the Downs peeps they have bagging. Nope, manager. From speaking with her it seems like she would be a friendly, engaging and funny date - just hard to look at.
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