The Residential Style Thread

I don't give a shit about the house, it can be pink with polka dot shutters for all I care. I just want 1 room of large size (maybe about 750 sq. ft with 12+ foot vaulted ceiling) all mahogany wood work, color to be decided, hardwood floors, 9ft. pool table complete with all the fixins, a hold 'em table that seats 10, and of course a small bar able to chill and hold about 2 pony kegs and all of my favorite brands of happy juice.

Wall hangings will include a dart board, large plasma or LCD TV with a good speaker setup (whatever theac recommends), and select bar room art. Somewhere in there needs to be a couch that is comfortable for sitting and sleeping because if I built all this that's probably where I'd be sleeping for a while.

Edit: and a proper filing system for all my pron.
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