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Hawt The Potato Kiki/CEO Thread Unwrapped (again) Show

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. *gone
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  2. cid_279.gif
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  3. don't u talk bad about vinny p
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  4. Joan Rivers had some.of Vincent Prices ashes she carried around with her.
    Now that she's dead, I'm sure that no tallent Melissa inherited them.
  5. Vincent was great. Two very good movies.

    Witch Finder General ( AKA The Conqueror Worm). Vince is a witch hunter.

    The Comedy of Terrors. Vince is a mortician who drums up business when times get tough.
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  6. Fall of the house of Usher. Bad film, great performance.
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    Except his kids. I haven't met them and cuz we aren't all ready for that...
    That will be our focus this summer when they are off school!
    Our children will be meeting shortly after

    Yay Brady bunch

    H. pylori survivor
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  8. Are you filming an episode of Evil Stepmothers for the Discovery channel?
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  9. tell C3O's mom that @Darth Handsome says hi
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  10. I'm gonna be the COOL STEP MOM

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  11. Wtfffff o_O
  12. Omgggggggggg, sounds like crazytime!
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    We are excited
    His family is def waaaay calmer than mine.
    We are straight crazy.

    I think I'm gonna wear that outfit combo you liked in my IG a few days ago.
    The only prob is that CEO says high heels are not appropriate for this "occasion"

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  14. Joan was close friends with the Prices. Both Vincent and his wife were ok with this.
  15. Make sure ti get drunk and twerk on his brother.

    At a christmas party i got drunk once and twerked on my brothers gf who was 17 at the time.
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  16. So you're a pedo too ?

    H. pylori survivor
  17. I don't think you know what pedo means
    and 17 is legal as long as you aren't a teacher
  18. Yea, I loved the color combo! Who cares? Wear some fawkin heels!
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  19. trust me i wish it was THAT simple.
    he has issues with ALL my shoes that are heels.
    thats why i was snapping them yesterday.
    he says high skinny heels are trashy
    he says for a family meeting they are INAPPROPRIATE
    they need to be SMALL and chunky heels

    ewww i dont own such heels yo
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  20. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain...
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