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A Taste Of Honey Fluff Boy
Mar 28, 2005
Anyone here ever used Corroseal or other rust converters/protectants on their car's undercarriage, brake components, engine parts (manifold, for example), etc.? Those products are pricey, but a lot of people swear by them. I, however, am still unsure. Will my car wipe out my credit cards if I coat the bottom in magnetite? Will it erase all my Flock of Seagulls tapes?
my understanding is all that stuff is generally a colossal waste of money. you don't live in the snow belt either which is the only limited argument one could make for its use. protection from road salt, etc.

growing up in NY we had a subaru rust damned near in 1/2 that was "protected" by rusty jones, one of such products

Wow, Rusty Jones, I haven't seen one of those stickers in a while.....

I'm talking about chemically converting thin layers of rust on components that are prone to oxidation, particularly when exposed to road salt, dirt, and salt and fresh water, and thereby sealing that component against further rust in the future. Think offroad vehicles, not Honda Civics. I'm not talking about spending money to have tar sprayed on my car. A specific application for a specific purpose.

dunno about that but it's likely just as big of a scam


Countless people, including U.S. naval crews, have been using it for decades. It chemically converts iron oxide into magnetite, thereby neutralizing the rust process and forming a barrier. My question isn't whether the stuff works, because it does. The question is whether you've used it on your car, and what your experience was. Cost, time, technique, thoughts, improvements, regrets, etc.
you mentioned rust protectant above. I wasn't aware about the converter part which was why I didn't address it