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Lot's Salty Wife
Nov 16, 2010
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Jason: what are you talking about? ... huh?
Daphne: I'm talking about cannibal.
Jason: you're talking about cannibal?
Daphne: yeah.
Jason: uhhhhh...

Daphne: flessshhhhh... flessssshhh.... flessssssssshhhhh...
Me: no, robin, don't eat my flesh!
Daphne: fleeeessssshhhhhhhhh

Daphne: there might be MONSTERS in the flesh!
Jason: monsters in the flesh?
Daphne: yeah! and the flesh will get LOST!
Jason: and the flesh will get lost?
Daphne: YEAH.
Jason: what... kind of black metal are you listening to?
Daphne: ...
Daphne: hi! I'm a goat! hi, I'm a goat!

omg what did i miss here?? is daphne a GWAR fan?