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Aug 29, 2021
Somewhere over the rainbow
nukes buddy i have a question. are you a full blooded jew? like yamaka wearing and only want your kids to be with other jewish people type?
Lol! Hi Wicks.
No no and no. Matralineal half jew (ma was a Lithuanian jew from Cambridge).
Dad was a Scottish atheist from Michigan protestants.
I had zero religious upbringing to the point that my mom was fairly abusive in withholding my Jewish heritage from me.
That's a story for another time.

Wife is full on filipino catholic and my kids have already had first confirmation.
I attend Mass with my family to keep the peace. I don't eat the wafer, as that would be blasphemy. I do say Rosary with the family. I find in Mother Mary a certain spiritual healing from not ever having had a loving mother.
I'm like the least jewy jew you are never likely to meet. Only time I've ever been in Shule is for weddings funerals and once at my sister's synagogue which is so reformed it felt like hippy Jesus people without the haysoos.
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