Ontopic The new car-seching thread

Betsy has a rattly noise from the ass end. Thinking it is probably just a brakes issue, but I'm gonna try and get her on jack stands so I can check everything out back there.
Bleh. Working on stuff with no garage sucks.
So backstory: out and about the other day. Come to a stop on an on-ramp (cause why would you go on an on-ramp?) I hear a rattly noise.

Not excessive, but enough to get my attention. No other cars that close to me, nothing I saw on the road (although I could have missed something.)

The noise was akin to loose brake components, like pads without the proper retaining hardware, or dry/damaged CV joints clicking and popping as a car turns but quicker?

I visited a buddy's shop and stole his lift for an hour and change and we poked around, did the 60k nut and bolt check, looked at bushings, everything. Didn't see anything obvious. Bolts were tight, bushings were good, complete bottom of the car was dry. Wheels spin good and true, no bearing issues.

No clue what the rattle could be.

I'm thinking there might be something peculiar to the ND1 platform that I may not know about?

Additional thought, likely not related but who knows, on coast down I get a kind of whmp-whmp-whmp as if a brake rotor were warped, but again this is coasting down, not braking.
I kinda wonder if its something inherent in the limited slip that I'm not familiar with.
Today's project: get the ECUMaster black installed and booting up.

Started off by drilling a hole.

Then I pulled the wideband, oil pressure, and ethanol sensors through it, and shoved it full of grommet so it won't leak water.

Then I stuck some nice Deutsch connectors on them

Then I put the ECU cavity back in the hole, stuck the ECU to the top (3M VHB), and stuck the harness adapter in the bottom, and spliced for power to some fused spots.

Buttoned up the ECU cavity

And finally, sang Deutschland Uber Alles.
Went and bought myself a Hobo Freight band saw and their new bench-top frame for it. Dunno why I didn't have one of these sooner.


So anyway, I got to use it on the downpipe for the Audi, and now it looks like a much more tenable problem.

I'm 3D printing a bunch of 3" mandrel bends right now to figure out the right cuts to make.