WTF The Media wants Florida to kill Chuckie Cheese


. . first name's "Daisy" boys
May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL
Because kids and gambling

This isn't really a Florida thing. It's the media pushing this. Unreal.

The Miami Herald article states that the authorities throughout Florida are simply looking the other way at the seemingly illegal games inside Chuck E. Cheese, as well as popular restaurant-gaming chains such as Dave & Buster’s and Boomers. The law stipulates that for machines to be legal, they must be coin-operated (no dollar bills or swipe cards), they must involve some skill (not just be games of pure chance), and they cannot award cash or gift cards as prizes. The only prizes allowed are merchandise, and the maximum value of prizes is a mere 75¢. Some of the prizes for Chuck E. Cheese boardwalk-type games of chance are worth around $20, which would seem to make them illegal. Dave and Buster’s games also offer prizes worth well over 75¢, and the games aren’t operated by coins, but smart cards that customers swipe.
You know some unemployed republican with too much time on their hands is going to run with this in an attempt to get some recognition out of this.
Instead of making gambling illegal, they should just tax it. Like any good christian would.