The Legally Insane Thread. (Tailored for Chikken)

ChikkenNoodul said:
Pre as in the sense after which was before that whereupon standing on the hill of remorse with the clowns of effervescense devoid of laughter and teeming with brilliance.
irascible that's what you are

irascible to me in every way
except for one.

But I'm not telling which one

in such a public place as this.
ChikkenNoodul said:
Shapely memories of mine fade largely into sealed containers of pink, sending fairytale accountants with crackerjack sharpeners on timely sojurns to somewhere they will not ignite.
hahahaha wow
ChikkenNoodul said:
The crinkle-cut potato chip of understanding lies in the path dead aside.
the crinkle-cut potato chip will fill a hole in your gullet, a yearning in your veritable heart of hearts
Bring me your tired, huddled, and contrived cupcake fires.

I will smother them in the icing of righteousness
ChikkenNoodul said:
Machines made of sand dug beneath the clams of tributaries beyond the green, seemingly unclean, massaged to an ecapsulated sheen.
I stuck my dick in a flash movie hoping to find answers to the LSAT but instead was introduced to a german anchor man named Nicole