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Thread The Hypocritical British Red Cross.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Atan Nolme, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. However

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  2. give a flying fuck
  3. trying to pass off racism as legitimate political discourse never has been your forte

    you're very selective about your stories - they generally do include darkies though. don't worry, your secrets safe.
  4. Way to assume jackass.
  5. It's perfectly acceptable to hate the coloreds, Ara. Tolerance is not on the Regressive platform.
  7. Another jackass that likes to assume.
  8. Just observation. Not assumption. Give us something else to go on, then.
  11. Either reading comprehension was not your forte in school or you do not understand the meaning of hypocritical.
  12. Hey there Mr. Muslim
    Merry fucking Christmas
    Put down that book the Koran
    And hear some holiday wishes.

    In case you haven't noticed
    It's Jesus's birthday.
    So get off your heathen Muslim ass
    and fucking celebrate.
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    Oh look, another Useful Idiot. The thread is more about the leadership of Britain's Red Cross and it's PC decision to get rid of Christmas (no matter what the reason) and still profit off of Christmas.
  14. given the way you've used it in the past as well as in this post it's clear that you have no idea what that phrase means
  15. Yes I know what the term means. (Lenin & Stalin used the term to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries.) I am however am using the term in a more general sense. Those that are Politically Correct Cerebrally Challenged.
  16. Wait. Muslims don't believe in Christ? This is news to me.
  17. haha nice one.
  18. Muslims believe in Jesus. In fact they follow his name with "peace be upon him."
  19. I don't make threads about assuming though