the HOTlanta meat 10/13 - 10/15


thursday: many arrive. if people are up for it, there's an impromptu show at 10:30 at dad's garage. we love this place...very funny, lots of beer.

friday: day is still open.
night: tour at sweetwater brewery 5:30
dave & buster's for dinner, drinks and fun.

saturday: day: taste of atlanta downtown
night: eating theac's smokin' butt. :drool:

sunday: day: aquarium OR six flags around 10.
night: departures.

So is this itinerary still standing? I know we have an alternate plan for Saturday afternoon, bbqn' with theac.
well, it seems not many were crazy about all doing the same thing, so each to his own, i guess. i know that i'm going where the out of town people are going. if they want to go explore, i want to go. if everyone's content hanging out, i'll hang out.
i'm pretty sure sweetwater is on for friday, and i know that dinner at theac's is on for sat. night. i'm thinking there's going to be a couple of different groups on sat. afternoon. those that want to hang out and grill, and those that want to go do something. we'll just have to see, i guess. there's not been a whole lot of things said.
i think the aquarium is still on for sunday morning.

i know we can do a haunted house or six flags or dave and buster's on friday night.

Can you put an ankle monitor on a dog, and if so can the monitoring agency tell how often you shit out in the yard?