the HOTlanta meat 10/13 - 10/15

you can play 20 questions, too. someone thinks of an object, and the others have to ask yes/no questions to be able to try to guess what it is. is it hard? yes/no. is it red? yes/no. that kind of thing. it's fun.

riddles are a good car thing too.

you can also play the name game. you have to find each letter that's in your name in order. signs, trucks, gas stations...all good places to find letters.

Madlibs > all other car ride games
Dramamine for a car ride?
wtf wussies

I'm on a different sleep schedule than these guys. And other people driving makes me nervous. So I'll be working on no sleep for two days and 12 hours in a car. I prefer to dope myself.

Edit> and i get the shakes when i can't drink for more than a few hours
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You want us to bring anything for Saturday?
Sides, sodas, and ice would probably be good. I'm only providing beer, meat, ho-made bbq sauce, buns for the chopped pork, cups, napkins, and plates. If you want something other than that, you need to bring it or buy it when you get here.