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Sep 27, 2012
Random questions that I am not getting, and/or other stuff.

For this one, I initially thought the formula for g-prime (x) should be 1/2 (1+2x)^(-1/2)
However it is just (1+2x)^-(1/2)

According to shortcut rules, x^n as a derivative becomes nx^(n-1), so where does the initial 1/2 go?

I used to be awesome at math. Then I finished school and stopped using it. I have fucking math medals and shit, for reals.
I have to get to something like Calc 3. le sigh.
I gave up mechanical engineering because math.

I took all those hard ass classes at devry and nothing transferred. I wasn't going to muddle through them again for something I wasn't sure about doing anyways.

Look at me now! I sew. :fly:
I use plenty of calculus in my day job, but I can't for the life of me remember how to do that kind of derivative :lol:
I have to get to something like Calc 3. le sigh.

I understand. I finished Calc 3 in my senior year of high school. Then I went to art school and they made me take differential equations because I needed a math class for my core. What in the world is a graphic designer going to do with that useless knowledge? I could have understood it if I were going to be an engineer or something. Waste of my time really though. What are you studying anyway?