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Was looking for a set of thread chasers on Amazon and came across this gem:

Amazon product

Somebody needs to rethink that brand name, because hooked on phonics says "DIYAREA" doesn't imply a do-it-yourself spirit.

I bought that thing 20 years ago when Craftsman made it.
Same case and everything
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Was it not fucking bolted down? wtf
It was. It looked like the PO had stacked two gaskets for some reason.

One of them was only on like half way.

Gonna have to spray some bleach on the backside of the the downstairs bathroom's ceiling, 'cause that's where it was leaking.
Finally put my new shelving together. Much happier with this than my old 1-sheet bookshelf, a set of wall-mounted shelves, and a 4'x5' particle board thing that was sort of vaguely still holding together with all-thread and hope.

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Ah, you just meant generic Home Automation when you said HA. Thought you had moved to Home Assistant.

Ratgdo should work with openHAB too though. Its just mqtt