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Jul 24, 2013
Albuquerque, NM
Yeah, it's supposed to be really well designed stuff. There's even a company that specializes in custom fronts, where you just buy the IKEA boxes.
I've got a friend who put Ikea cabinets all through his basement renovation, they're all acceptable quality (they come with euro hinges, soft close, full extension drawer slides by default). The melamine carcasses of the drawers don't even bother me that much.

The faces are pretty nice too.

If I weren't doing the job myself, I would buy Ikea cabinetry.
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Robotic Dexter
May 19, 2011
biggest prob with particleboard is shitty securing mechanisms. Particleboard destroys itself when it wobbles/moves.

Ikea is good at securing mechanisms that lock the particle board together to avoid movement.

Second biggest prob with either mdf or particle board is the surface coat. Ikea is also really good at that.
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Butt Hamster
May 24, 2018
Mid MIchigan
WIfe's first day off for the summer. "Damn it Ed, stop looking at jobs, you are supposed to take the summer off and fix a bunch of stuff so we can sell this f'n place!!" "Yes ma'am".
1. Remove existing deck and it's 4 steps down to the ground with a smaller "poop deck"(say 6'X 16) that then step down 3 steps to a slightly raised patio.
2. Tie the above to the basement walkout, which is on the end of the house. The deck is on the back. SO I need to gracefully step a person down 6'-7 of elevation in the back, but more like 10' in the front. NOTHING has ever been done to that area - it IS shit. Previous owner couldn't come up with a plan and we have never used the walkout. But someone else might want to. I think I have something nice in mind.
3. Before doing 1 & 2, cut down two 12-14" sycamores, rent tractor with backhoe, dig holes for some red maples to replace the sycamores and do some other land scrapping. Regravel park of the driveway with limestone for looks
4. Painting and cosmetic's. Maybe redo the wood floors and kitchen countertops. Replace all the existing kitchen hardware.