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Thread The Golf Thread.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Casper, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Any of you folks play golf? I know Liam does.

    What's in your bag?
  2. I play Let's Golf 2 on my iPhone. I'm pretty damn good. Birdie, Birdie, Eagle, Eagle.
  3. I bet waw is a great golfer.

    Isn't that what the CNNinites do in the afternoons?
  4. Ya he golfs.
  5. I golf on the wii
    Thats just like the real thing, right?
  6. yeah, I golf. I have nike dymo2 woods and taylor made rac irons. shot a 79 over the summer with 4 birdies in the round which was my best score in the last few years.

    what do you have and what do you shoot?
  7. nike sq dymo2 driver
    taylor made rescue hybrid
    wilson fat shaft deep red irons
    cleveland CG-15 black pearl wedge
    oddyssey crimson 550 putter
  8. That 79 was on 6 holes though.
  9. I've ballooned up to a 14HCP since starting to turn scores in again. I have rounds in there from 2001 still when I was playing for the high school team. Lowest I ever got was 8.

    My last four rounds have been in the mid 80s. I generally have no short game. I've always been weak from 60 yards in. Anything with a full swing I can hit straight and consistent, even after six months or more of not playing.

    Using a Ping G10/Diamana Red driver, original Tight Lies strong 3, and 4 woods, and Mizuno MP-60 irons.

    I think I'm like the only person still using the tight lies clubs, but I have yet to find a set of fairway woods that get the ball up in the air as quickly and consistently. They don't go super far, but are very workable. I'd probably get more distance if I switched from steel to graphite, but I'm a huge believer in steel shaft fairway woods. I'm getting ready to reshaft the Mizunos and am looking for another set of irons to take over for awhile. Torn between the Callaway X-tour (2006s) and the Taylormade Tour Preferreds.

    Country club is having a Taylormade Demo day tomorrow, so I'll probably hit that up.
  10. I call that "winter". it kinda gets in the way here.
  11. We have two seasons. Rainy and sunny. Rainy now.
  12. it's hard to find your ball in the snow. :( Plus it's goddamn hard on the hands in sub-zero temps
  13. I have walmart irons, and TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad driver, an Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball putter.

    I normally score between 90 and 110. I take risks, son!
  14. Any of you guys do your own club building?
  15. too much pain in the ass. that's like butchering your own cow because you like steak :p
  16. Well, the problem is that paying someone to do it is about the same as buying another set.

    I'm looking at about $450 to have someone else reshaft.
  17. Golf is a waste of a prime real estate.
  18. I'm rich get off my lawn.
  19. it would be better if it was a series of strip malls destroyed every 20 years for the newer better model? not bloody likely. they are actually making permanent preserves for the local wildlife.
  20. And even more importantly, water. Its crazy the drinking(ish) water we waste on golf.