NSFW The Exercise Thread

5 days straight of ye o'l tonal and I'm enjoying the short duration but thorough workouts. They're around 20-24 minutes and chock full of weight resistance. I started throwing in the Ergatta right after for some heart rate workouts and I'm finding I really enjoy the gamification of the rowing machine. 10/10 will sit my fat ass on the water rower again starting Monday.
That's awesome.

Have you taken any before pics? Those can be a great motivators to keep you going. Also, I'd like them for research.
That's pretty sweet for only two runs a week!
Yeah, I've been running through some plantar fasciitis, which hasn't been super fun. I ran like two months ago now with the wrong shoes and got the world's largest blister on my right foot and plantar fasciitis on the left.

M/W/F, I go into the weight room now. Monday is arms/chest, Wednesday is core, Friday is legs.

I'm looking forward to swapping back after the end of swim team.
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If you did it right, it will be. :lol: But it will get less painful very fast. Nice work!
When I say wrecked I mean unable to walk. Often because of my hypermobility I overdo things if I do intense exercise then actually rip my muscles and pull tendons without realising. Luckily this morning I feel alright which is a blessing. Just what I imagine is normal muscle soreness rather than an extreme.
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Took Maya running with me this morning and she doubled down and had the runs. Spray painted the rocks for like 5 minutes, while staring angrily at her own ass. So, my run time was not spectacular.
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Have been going to the gym for over a month now. Working my way up from 2 to 3 times a week. Sort of settled into a routine of rowing, then weights and circuits then a jog and cool down. Fills up a good 45 mins to an hour. At some point I need a PT to show me how to properly do weights and shit. Feeling pretty happy this seems to be sticking since I'm getting the mental health benefits from it. I'm tending to go from client sessions straight straight the gym to run off any feelings and to process stuff instead of coming home right away.
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