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I ran 32:30 in my first one. The one coming up Sunday I'm hoping to be under 30 minutes. Looks like they're calling for temps in the 50's now. Thank God.
A few yrs back, I did 4 miles with my BIL. It was 26 out, & I forgot my running sweatpants. He's in a pair of shorts, all layered up top, hat & gloves included, hands me a pair of shorts & says I'll be fine after 10 houses. My sister is saying he does this all the time, which means nothing to me because I FUCKING don't!

So we go running.

& God damnit. 10 houses in, at an easy jog, and I'm fine.


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Oct 19, 2004
South Harmon Institute of Technology
Cycling class was interesting.

I walked into week 15 of 16 of some epic endurance building thing.

Halfway trough warmup the instructor asked me and the other n00b if we were all set with our bikes. I had set mine to whatever I thought was right, but said no, I'm not set. She asked with what, and I replied I have no idea what I'm doing, first cycling class.

So with that sorted we started class.

I need padded cycling shorts if I do one of these again, the saddles suck.

And she kept seeking in spin class jargon that I had to figure out.

Class schedule said beginners welcome BTW.
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