FYI The Dexter/Sons of Anarchy thread [spoiers]

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

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Oct 15, 2004
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I'm getting really bored with Dexter, this season is so boring and uninspired. Really didn't live up to my expectation after Rita died last season. I might even just stop watching it, anyone else int he same boat?

SoA on the other hand is getting just as awesome as ever. Haven't watched the ep that came out last night but damn, last weeks had some creepy violence in it. :drool:
I tried watching that Sons of Anarchy show last week. What a POS show that is. Worst acting ever and completely unrealistic..
Yeah, I liked Sons up until now but it's been totally ridiculous this season, I stopped watching 3 episodes ago and have basically forgotten about it.

I DO like what Dexter is leading up to this season.
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Son's of Anarchy seasons 1 and 2 were pretty inspired, but have SAMCRO head to Belfast? Nah, this whole kidnapped baby thing is shite, played like shite. Jax almost fucking his half sister because he didn't know it was his half sister. /barf. And he still wants to peg her even after he now knows.

Pretty sure Terra is gonna get offed. Fine with that. She's so damn busted. The entire city of Charming needs to burn, Jax needs to quite being a whiney bitch and do what he really wants to do, and that is bareback porn. I'm caring less and less about any of the characters.
I think I understood every 5th word the Irish dudes were saying. I had to turn the volume up way loud just to hear them mumbling. I've since stopped watching. Sorry. On a side note, the actor who plays Jax does a good job hiding his IRL accent. He talks way differently off set, from a clip I saw of him on the season premiere or awards ceremony that I saw on TV.
For real? What's his accent like IRL? The irish laid it on pretty thick if you ask me, good accents and all but not enough for me to miss a word.

dexter was pretty tense yesterday (or Sunday, w/e). Didn't explain where the kill room was though.q
andrew lincoln, star of the walking dead, is british and there is nary a trace of detectable accent
He sounds more like how he does as Jax than he sounds British. But then I guess if Hugh Laurie did a House interview he'd sound American whereas he used to speak in very, very posh English. It sounds like Jax has been acting in that accent so long it's adapted into his normal speech.