The Crystal Method

I caught a Crystal Method show in Deep Ellum several years ago. I was right in front of the stage with my buddy, and afterwards we couldn't hear for a week.

Oh, and we were laughing the entire time because the guy's electronic keyboard broke early into the show and he kept on like Ashlee Simpson, with the music and everything. Even after a roadie came out and unplugged it to swap it out. :fly: He was jamming away like nothing was amiss.
shawndavid said:
I think our driver backed out so we may either pay someone to drive or take a taxi van.

Well if I get an oil change and pull the nail from my tire I will be driving. Just cant complain about me having a few :eek:
I've seen CM in concert a few times, and can agree with the volume of their shows. It's outrageous.

Now their DJ sets are different. They will be using the club's sound system and playing music other than their own. They do live DJ sets on the radio in LA (that are streamed over the net) if you want to see what it is like.

I prefer their concerts over their DJ sets, but any excuse to see them play is still pretty sweet.

Have a good time.
shawndavid said:
I will not be making the trip to Ybor crammed into the B mobile - we have WAY too many people to fit.

Well I would rather not have it that way either but if all else fails I was putting what little I could in to help the situation.
Ok so Friday night we went to the show. We spent most of the night upstairs where this cracked out DJ from Orlando the Shawn knows train wrecked, While the Crystal Method sucked downstairs. The just didn't seem to get the crowd amp'd up like I thought they would - and we were certainly ready and in the right state of mind to be amp'd up. Drinks were flowing, we were taking cabs to and from...

Anyhow, we had a great time otherwise! More fun at the house afterward then at the club.

Rabbit in the Moon on Aug 18th in Orlando bitches!
Pics from Luke & Angie's Camera:

Group Pic:

group CM.jpg

Us at Amp:

Amy Shawm 2 CM.jpg

Our friend Jessica:

Jessica CM.jpg

Luke and Angie:

Luke Ang CM.jpg
Damn I wish I lived in Orlando. It would be awesome to have a group of friends that would go to cool shows like that with me. The best thing I did this weekend was roll for the first time in years and have unbeliveable mind exploding sex. It really helped fix some of the problems my wife and I have been having lately. Gives me a smile just thinking about it.