The contents of this thread will surprise and disturb you


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Sep 30, 2004
i8goats is april23. i am theac (duh)

I8goats: i was being ur dad, yelling at you... ur now grounded from the iRiver for a week
theac: its in my pants right now
theac: ground that!
I8goats: have any wire i can ground it with?
theac: I've got some 18 AWG at my desk
I8goats: okay that'll do
I8goats: and some duct tape for that yappy jaw of yours son
theac: oh no
theac: i'm not fallling for that again
theac: last time you got the duct tape out, i ended up naked in the middle of sears
theac: and that hair didn't grow back for months!
I8goats: hahahah
I8goats: oh gosh this reminds me of a story
I8goats: I was in the garage yapping to my guy friends. They got fed up with me and tied me up in electrical tape and got it on video.
I8goats: Then another time they tied me up to a light pole in a parking lot with rope.
I8goats: i get tied up a lot iwth my friends =\
theac: i saw a porn like that once
I8goats: omy hopefully it wasnt me
theac: are you saying youve done porn?
I8goats: …
I8goats: why? what do you know?
theac: holy shit! mpg to gmail, stat!
I8goats: no way
I8goats: …
I8goats: can I touch ur pee pee?
theac: do what now?
I8goats: the pee pee? can i touch it?
theac: no
I8goats: can I touch your pee pee?
I8goats: I’ll let you touch mine
theac: WTFWTFWTF??!?!
Har Har, Group Pee Pee Touching...Anyone know her real name then we could find your pron name for searching....hehe j/k
[fly] that thread theac started about april is makin me hot
[Drool-Boy] hay thats great fgt
[fly] Im touching myself right now!
[Drool-Boy] Thats great
[fly] Yeah, but Im looking at a picture of you
[Drool-Boy] Godammit quit bothering me u fgt
this thread is pretty funny, not because it's actually funny, but because I like theac and therefore I will defend him and his content until my knuckles are bloody and have fallen off

p.s. pandora is hot
[12:25:29] theacoustician: well, when you see it, you'll know
[12:27:45] AprilL: ur horrible at fake drama.

[12:33:31] theacoustician: its funnier than real drama
[12:38:02] theacoustician: wow you took all possible fun outta that one
[12:39:36] AprilL: I win.
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April Mazac :

Asia Spankalicious
Busty Hammer and
Lolita Tight

hm.. pick one... he he
I am neither suprised or disturbed. I am, however, fairly aroused.

Edit: and I'm not at all suprised that you had the iriver down your pants.
April23 said:
Did you get that off the porn name generator site? :lol:s
yeah, he he, thought it was worth it just to see the masses go and see what they could find under those names