Tattoo Geekery

Fat Burger said:
I've tried to get Fuxx to get this tattoo:


But she said I'd have to get this:


It'd be worth it . . . :shifty:
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Sarcasmo said:
The funny thing about tattoos is no one seems to realize that 99% of the time they were a very, very bad idea.

That's why I dont' just walk into a shop and go, "Yea, um, gimme that one there on page 34."

If you like them and they are something that you really enjoy and admire, then you take the time to make sure that what you are getting is something that you really want on your body for the rest of your life. The people that regret it are usually the people that don't put enough thought into it.

My first one I worked on the design and finding a good shop for about 5 months before getting it done. The only one that was a snap decision was the celtic armband, because the design I had originally chosen, when I finally got to the shop with it, ended up being a bit too larger, so we looked through some designs there till we found a suitable smaller one.

Just do your homework and you'll be fine.
Fat Burger said:
Seriously though, what chick doesn't want a cute devil dude tattoo? And the fact that it's geeky just makes it that much better!

I really hope you're kidding :p
bast_imret said:
In, of course. Duh. Why would he want to leave?

He'd want to leave because he'd see my raging manhood coming straight at him. So what are you doing after you get it done? :fly: