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GAY Talk me into, or out of, buying a kindle

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, I do read books on occasion.
    Harlequin novels are awesome.
    But I dont want to keep stuffing my bookcase full of paper backs when I can be putting better stuff up there, like xbox games and lady gaga CDs.

    Ive been looking at the non-3g one here:

    Yay , nay?

    Also, I notice it reads PDFs natively, wonder how it would work with technical drawings in that format? It may be handy in meetings.
  2. Get a droid phone and use the kindle app. No sense in having multiple pieces of hardware that perform the same function unless you absolutely want to.
  3. One series is cheaper than the nook. Both the wifi only and 3g and wifi.
  4. Too small to read for my old man eyes
    Plus my phone is full of p-diddy ring tones and pictures of my junk that I mms to fly
  5. just borrow your books from the library like the rest of the hippies do
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    That's why I buy all my books as audio format. That way I can relax and let either James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman read to me. If I'm really lucky I might even let LaVar Burton do it.
  7. Too many hobos in there jerking it to the national geographics
  8. reading books on a screen that small is masochism
  9. Get a nook and root it. It has the same eink screen as the kindle, but since it runs Android OS, you can hack it and install the Amazon Kindle app, thereby displaying both types of books.

    Of course you can install a PDF reader as well.
  10. Just be truly gay and get an iPad, install the B&N app and the Kindle app and you are set.
  11. Or you could get the tablet I got from Kohl's for $100, root it, and do the same app installs.

    Look into Calibre as well for file type conversions.
  12. So I bought the kindle thinking I would use it alot but I don't. Ive used it twice since I bought it.

    I use the library too often to bother with the Kindle.

    You wanna buy a used one?
  13. My phone's almost the size of an iPad, you can borrow it if you want :p
  14. Just tested on my phone. From 7 feet away, I was able to read the text on the book without issues. And no, I don't have Eagle Eyes. In fact I need glasses and I wasn't wearing them when I did this test.
  15. sure you can do it but why? reading a book on a phone would annoy the fuck out of me
  16. Moreso than carrying a phone and a kindle?

    Then why get a kindle over a real book? Having to depend on battery power to read a book would annoy the f*ck out of me.
  17. With battery life measured in weeks?
  18. Do you have to verify you charged a battery when reading a book? No. What about when taking a kindle on a long trip?
  19. solar powered leather case. problem solved.
  20. I leave mine with 3g off and get 1+ months. I like it. And reading on e-ink is waaay better than an LCD screen. WAAAAAY better.