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WTF Talk About April Fools Stuff Here

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Hey look , Googles being silly

    So is Think Geek

    Post other ones you find here.

    The sillier the better.
  2. Radio station up here was talking about a "pet tax"

    The gov't will come impound your pets if you don't register them.
  3. I posted this in another thread... Zac this morning told me Obama was shot.

  4. april is a fool
    that's the joke.
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  5. awesome

    i taped down the thingy on my bosses phone so when he picked it up, it kept ringing.

    he sent an email to the helpdesk about his phone being broken

  6. textp is pretty cool on youtube
  7. Is the joke that April can't understand jokes?
  8. I'm going go to burn my idiot co-worker's house down.
  9. Now what's all this shit about fooling April or something?
  10. almost happened here 2 weeks ago
  11. You're behind dear, that started a few years ago and is an ongoing process.
  12. Yup. Another great labour idea!!
  13. I'm waiting for the genitalia-themed thread rape
  14. Apparently the popular one on facebook is that the girls are pregnant. :rolleyes:
  15. tomorrow will be national abortion day
  16. Maybe I should try this one.

    Edit: No. Crazy bitches.
  17. :lol:
  18. I was just about to say I'd missed that phenomenon so far, but alas, it has struck.
  19. I was highly debating posting something about facebook and privacy issues, but I didn't want to get struck down by the hand of Facebook.