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Tab, Space... Damnit.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mondoz, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. I miss hitting the submit button by tabbing to it and hitting space.


    I must have hit that poor 'no icon' thing about 100 times now.

    I'd pay real Marklar to move those Post Icon things out of the way of my precious submit button.
  2. yes indeed
  3. I requested that a week or so ago.
  4. Geez you people are picky. :fly:

  5. Also, the background is exactly the wrong shade of lilac.

  6. But that letter doe n't work on my tupid piece of hit keyboard.
    Damn microft product.
  7. *poof*

  8. OMG

    Do I really have to have your children now? I didn't think you'd really fix it!
  9. Yay! Thank you!
  10. Its still lilac, so no.

  11. *whew*

    I guess I don't need the gallon jug of lube then.
  12. you can use it on me bog boy.

  13. :drool:

    Gimmie 3 hours. I'll be right there.

  14. Yeah, we're set in our ways, and can't stand change :rolleyes:

  15. No change for you! Dolla bills only. :drool:
  16. I miss the old drool.

    Not Drool. The drool smiley.

    This one is kinda dumb looking.
  17. This is not that other forum.
  18. Then pay up, dammit! :mad:

  19. Im not old dammit!