Survey : what do you want to do with the rep system

Drool-Boy said:
are there any existing options of what to do with it?
For the most part I think its ok not really meaning anything.
We can use it to control posting speed. Better = more ppd, less = less ppd. We could use it to keep you from buying things at the store (i.e. you have to be ___ good to buy an arcade pass). There's a bunch of things we could possibly do with it. Right now, it doesn't do too much. Just wanted to know if y'all liked it that way or you wanted to change it to mean something.
I think it should do nothing. All it takes are a few asshats to ruin the system.
fly said:
It steals marklar from you and prevents you're ratings to others from doing much.

It does? Crap.

I just wanted to steal everyone's marklar!
Is that so wrong?
I just had a simple dream - to control all the Marklar in the world... :sniff: :sniff:
And now my own greed is stealing my Marklar from me. :(