Food Summer Dinners

Mr. Asa

Extra Medium Tedium
Sep 27, 2012
Some things I've learned being married into southeast Asia for 13.5 years:
"Spaghetti is not a food. Bread is not a food. Pizza is not a food. They are snacks.
In order for something to qualify as a meal, rice needs to be on the plate.
Unless you are using a bowl, then rice needs to be in the bowl.
Soup is a communal meal, one bowl for the whole family is acceptable, but everyone gets their own spoon. One spoon would make us poors.
If all you have is rice, you have viand (main course).
All you really need is rice and bulad (dried fish fried in oil).
The house will be stinky, but the belly will be full, Po".
Rice, it's a way of life.
How often does this happen?