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Sugar crystals

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Fat Burger, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Dude at work and I are growing sugar crystals. :elfpenis:
    When's the last time any of you did that?
  2. Probably in science class in 5th grade or something like that.

    Now I wanna do it again
  3. Exactly
  4. fuck a dirty bitch you meet in Baltimore

    you'll grow all sorts of crystals on your man shaft
  5. We made caramel too :drool:
  6. i just made myself gag
  7. Ahahahaha, so it's not just a 'cold' then?
  8. How?
  9. I think we kinda just heated the sugar in a test tube until it sorta burned...

    There was probably some more to it but that was several hundred gallons of beer ago
  10. Oh yeah, I've done that before. I thought you meant the process was similar to sugar crystals.
  11. Oh, no.

    Just reminiscing :D
  12. Remember that time you picked me up in the Inner Harbor? :fly:
  13. I did that a few months ago for caramel corn :drool:
  14. I remember doing that back in the 70's in my parent's basement while hi on LSD...
  15. That was lye, not LSD.
  16. sugar crystals? No.
    crystal meth? Maybe
  17. If I could grow crystal meth at work, it would rule. I've always wanted to get paid twice for working at one job.
  18. For the gang??:fly:
  19. I'm sure there's a kit that fits inside an AS/400