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stop me from procrastinating.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. I have hw...and a test to study for. but but i can't get myself to do either. :(

    (my shitty excuse to make my first thread) :o
  2. Study or fail!

    I'm procrastinating too. allnighte
  3. fuck homework. post moar.
  4. your homework young lady, or us your tits.
    Its your choice.
  5. everything I have to do can wait till tommorow. I got a list
  6. i know what you mean! i have a paper for ethics due tomorrow and i only have 2 sentences. :(
  7. Set up a timer for how much time you have left and fear it. Sooner or later you will realise that you need to start doing things, otherwise it won't end well...
  8. Some real advice: Do 30 minutes of work and reward yourself with 15 minutes of spam.
  9. random question for the night: how much are titles? :o
  10. 1100
    525 for yourself

  11. itll tell ya in the forum stores
  12. :cool: :p
  13. oh my.

    ive gotta to homework too!

  14. Is being on Pinnacle part of that list?
  15. I wonder what the annual cost to productivity is that message boards are responsible for. The figure has to be astronomical........
  16. i love chicks that procrastinate they all end up drunk and havin sex with me :D

    that help?
  17. Gimme some marklars so you're not tempted to spend them :)
    or something
  18. :drool:
  19. nope :p