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Ontopic Sports thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Floptical, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I hate jumping around between threads so I figured we could just have a single sports thread. We have the NFL draft tonight. NBA playoffs getting ready to start. NHL in the heat of the playoffs. It's a good time of the year for sports. I'll will basically watch any sport live or on TV short of women's basketball. Here as a few of my favorite teams to watch.





    Timbers (one of the best live sporting events I've ever been to)

    any rugby
  2. Anyone have any thoughts on the whole Saint's "wire tapping"? I think if that turns out to be true they can pretty much count themselves out for awhile.
  3. I'll say this. The Rays are off to a pretty darn good start this year. Going a game over .500 on a really tough opening road trip was in itself a bonus.

    Other than that, it's the only thing, sports wise, that will keep my interest until August. But I've got my invites (3rd year in a row) for the suite at Raymond James for the home games this year, so it's gonna be another fun season. It has spoiled me so that I don't know if I could enjoy a game sharing seats with the common folk :fly:
  4. If there is credence too it, and I haven't seen anything outside of heresay yet to show it being otherwise, then it could explain how they went from the 'Aints to the Saints so quickly.
  5. Most of the AL East is in a odd semi slump right now. I think they will turn it on after the break but they can't seem to do that well outside the division.
  6. Big Hockey game for me tonight, as my Ottawa Senators face the New York Rangers in game 7. Should be a great game.
  7. Well I think there has to be some merit behind it or the FBI and Attorney General wouldn't have launched an investigation. The NFL won't even touch it until they are done.
  8. I'll be flipping between that and the draft tonight. I loved seeing Boston bounced by the
  9. It's weird what people call a slump in the AL East when they have 4 teams @ .500 or better. No other division in baseball has that right now. 3 have 3 teams over .500, and the rest are @ 2 teams over .500.

    But people expect so much from the Beast, that having almost the entire division with a winning record is considered a slump.
  10. That's it exactly. The expectations are always high. In most years past there is only two or three decent teams in the ALE and the rest are so so. This year with Baltimore and Toronto both being hot along with NYY and Tampa it's making for a rough fight in the division.
  11. braves are 5 games over .500 and out of fucking nowhere the nationals are 2.5 games up on us. I hate the nationals. they play us tougher than anyone else in our div despite being perennial suckage.
  12. Don't worry ATL will have another epic collapse at the end of the year again. You guys are becoming the Cleveland of the South.
  13. the best part is that Boston is going to find out, the hard way, just exactly how much of an impact Francona made on their team.
  14. Valentine is going to have a very short career coaching in Boston. At the rate they're losing as well as the public issues he's had with players I would be surprised to see him last the entire year.
  15. Chelsea FC has some big games coming up. FA Cup Final vs. Liverpool on May 5, and UEFA Champions League Final against Bayern Munich on 5/19. In Munich, which is interesting. Both Bayern's and Chelsea's lineups are drastically depleted, too, due to card suspensions.

    PS: John Terry's a fag.
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    Here's a video from a Timbers match. I've been to a few that they've done this at and the fans are just fantastic. Some of the best US sports fans I've seen at any event.

  17. Looks like they are most likely going to kill the pro bowl this year.
  18. good. it needs to die a horrible death. putting it before the super bowl was absolutely retarded.

    psyched to go to some Hawks playoff games.
  19. It's hard to have a game like that in the NFL. It doesn't mean anything and there is no reason for the guys to play hard. Why risk getting hurt over something meaningless. They NBA by far has the best All Star package followed by the NHL.
  20. Here's an interesting point of discussion. With Tom Benson buying the NOLA Hornets he has already stated he wants to dump the Hornets name since it was named for something in NC. He has shown interest in trying to get the Jazz name back from Utah since it was originally a NOLA team and moved to SLC. I know Jordan has stated he wants to rebrand the terrible terrible Bobcats. Maybe if NOLA dumps the Hornets then Charlotte can get it back.