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Someone in Canuckistan wants to buy my car

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Syrup Beaver, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Kinda weird eh? Don't they sell Saab's in Canada? :wtf:

    Oh well, at least I have an offer on it finally.
  2. Ill give you 30 marklars.
  3. I need 32 and not a marklar less.
  4. I'll give you 28 marklars and half a :gloerf:
  5. Okay, the :gloerf: does the trick.
  6. I'll give you 25 Marklars and a full :gloerf:
  7. Oh man, that's a tough choice.

    Smiley, counter offer?
  8. Wait, I just remembered I don't like Saab's. You can keep the Marklars, but give me the :gloerf: back.
  9. I already plooked it though...
  10. Well then you'd better floof it up and send it back!
  11. It might be a little, uh.....larger, than before.
  12. Well that's fine, it's not entirely a- wait, you forgot :gloerf:s are dry-clean only, didn't you? :(
  13. Umm....nooooo......why do you ask? :shifty:

    *picks up phone*
  14. You bastard
  15. So.....does anyone have a good source for :gloerf: softener?

    My local store is fresh out.
  16. :(

    You know what, just keep him. I'll find another.
  17. *hugs :gloerf: protectively
  18. Funny, I get more :gloerf:'s this way.....
  19. Fixed lololololol
  20. Well, good thing I filled that :gloerf: with extract of EVIL!!! :D