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some small child just called me scary

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by PinkysAvenger, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. so im walking down the hall from my first class to the library (where i am now) when i see this little girl (like, 6, with her little sippy cup and everything [man i miss sippy cups]) standing next to this woman, who had to be about 25 or so, didnt look like her mom, but it was her caretaker. so today im wearing a punisher T-Shirt, big pseudo-spray-painted skull on a black shirt, and i didnt shave this morning, so im a bit scruffy. as i walk past this little girl, i hear her whisper something to the woman, then just cuz im nosy i listen to the womans reply. she says, "he was scary? it was probably because of his shirt, huh?"

    i dont know wether to be happy or sad :confused:
  2. woah
    the ability to intimidate small children is such a rare thing!
  3. I get that all the time, don't show off.
  4. It's because of the bloody horns poking out of your skull
  5. Sounds like it could be potentially scary to a young kid...... I dunno for sure though.
  6. yeah, but you're spawn of satan.

    im a chubby white american, i know monarch butterflys more dangerous then me
  7. And the fact that he didnt wear pants. Again. :rolleyes:
  8. naw, then the lady woulda had a LOT more to say ;) :sucky:

  9. "Mommy why does the man look like a teddy bear?"

  10. Why do you get that all the time??
  11. because she IS scary
  12. :lol: I think they secretly wanted you.
  13. Because I look, act and think scary.
  14. wouldnt surprise me...

    i AM one glorious piece of man...

  15. You learn fast :heart:
  16. People are intimidated by me all the time and I dont even have to try/say/do anything.
    I think I just naturally emit a "fuck off or Ill eat your goddamn children" vibe or something.
  17. quite an observant kid
  18. i've seen your picture :D :heart:
  19. I scare people all the time. :(