some small child just called me scary



so im walking down the hall from my first class to the library (where i am now) when i see this little girl (like, 6, with her little sippy cup and everything [man i miss sippy cups]) standing next to this woman, who had to be about 25 or so, didnt look like her mom, but it was her caretaker. so today im wearing a punisher T-Shirt, big pseudo-spray-painted skull on a black shirt, and i didnt shave this morning, so im a bit scruffy. as i walk past this little girl, i hear her whisper something to the woman, then just cuz im nosy i listen to the womans reply. she says, "he was scary? it was probably because of his shirt, huh?"

i dont know wether to be happy or sad :confused:
NeedMoreEmo said:
I get that all the time, don't show off.
yeah, but you're spawn of satan.

im a chubby white american, i know monarch butterflys more dangerous then me
People are intimidated by me all the time and I dont even have to try/say/do anything.
I think I just naturally emit a "fuck off or Ill eat your goddamn children" vibe or something.