Some changes to the UF lottery.


I Robert I

Alright I've decided to change the ticket handling a bit. Now we have no more multiple winners (although we haven't even had ONE winner yet :( ). This was achieved by having a finite set of tickets per drawing (currently set at 2000 tickets). Each ticket you buy in a drawing will be unique so you get all the marklar if you have the winning ticket.

Previously several people could get the same ticket number and the possible number of tickets was much higher. The odds of winning will be A LOT higher from now on. I figured it would be more fun to have a winner more often rather than getting a huge jackpot that grows indefinetly.

I hope more people will be willing to gamble with their marklars now :)
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CletusJones said:
what's the jackpot up to now anyway?
Geee I'm not quite sure... heh