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Oct 26, 2004
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"SNL" Gets Real

Thu Nov 4, 2:00 PM ET Television - E! Online

By Kimberly Potts

Live, from New York, it'!

Comedians who think they are ready to become a Not Ready for Prime-Time Player will have a shot at landing a spot in the Saturday Night Live cast in a new talent-search reality show NBC is developing.

Network execs are mum on details of exactly how the search will work, but the contest is being developed to premiere next summer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A show source does confirm that a June or early July debut would allow the show to choose a winner by the end of the summer and have the new castmember join SNL for its 30th season premiere in fall 2005.

Competition to become a part of the SNL scene is intense, especially since being a castmember on the series can be a ticket to big-screen success.

From early castmembers Dan Aykroyd (news), John Belushi (news), Bill Murray and Chevy Chase (news) and '80s superstar Eddie Murphy to '90s SNL-to-the-big screen breakouts Adam Sandler and Mike Myers to recently minted movie star Will Ferrell (news), former SNL-ers have been among Hollywood's biggest movie comedy stars since the show's October 1975 debut.

The untitled SNL talent search comes on the heels of another pair of successful talent search reality shows for NBC. Another comedy search, the Jay Mohr-hosted Last Comic Standing was a solid performer for its first two seasons, though a quickly cobbled together "all-star" version that debuted in September failed to attract the same viewer interest and NBC canceled the series a month later.

And, although viewership is down this season compared to last, the Donald Trump executive search series The Apprentice continues to be a ratings-nabbing part of NBC's Thursday night lineup.

The new SNL show is the first positive bit of news for the show in the aftermath of Ashlee Simpson (news)'s now infamous lip-synch meltdown on Oct. 23.

And speaking of the Donald, it's rumored that the Lorne, aka SNL creator-producer-mastermind Lorne Michaels, will fill Trump's role as the one deciding who gets eliminated from the SNL castmember contest.

Michaels got some practice in the role last season, during an SNL riff on The Apprentice in which he played the Trump role and "fired" soon-to-depart castmember Jimmy Fallon (news).
April23 said:
So does that mean its your turn to cook tonight?


How do you so cleverly turn everything I say into a means of having me cook for you?

It's astounding. Amazing. Anally addictive.
wr3kt said:

How do you so cleverly turn everything I say into a means of having me cook for you?

It's astounding. Amazing. Anally addictive.
JUST DOOO EEET. Gosh, never have I ever begged so much for food. :fly:
a person can be as funny as they want, too bad the writing fucking blows ass

they should do a writers search
April23 said:
I just killed my second bag of Big Grab doritos, a brownie, Orange Juice, Sprite, vitamin, poptarts...

Haha....vitamin...short of the OJ, that's the healthiest thing you've eaten.

JJ Lady said:
Mmmm...Taquitos! Did you know that if you mix some salsa and sour cream it make a great dipping sauce. :drool:

I'm a big fan of the sour cream + taquitos. Sadly...I have no sour cream.