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So yeah, I pretty much got bicyclowned (Kryponite bike lock pics)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Berticus, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Who: Berticus :cool:
    What: stolen stuff off of bike :eek:
    When: I found out minutes before my first class (other side of campus) :(
    Where: northern washington(wwu) :o
    Why: they're being silly, silly thieves
    How: well, it's my own fault :drool:


    Loss: Alexrims wheelset (+xctires, tubery), Koobi Xenon saddle/seatpost (+nifty mudflap, toolkitbag)

    They even took my bike pump!

    Fortunately, they left my Crank Bros pedals, and the rest of the bike. :lol:

    Cliffs: LOL
  2. :( why would someone do that?

  3. On a campus, you steal what you can get. A wheel from one bike here, a frame from another bike there. Eventually you get an entire bike. I doubt they took it for the type of items they were, they took it, because it's what they needed (hence why they didn't take your pedals)
  4. that's fucked up

  5. The top things stolen in a college:

    Cars (and car equipment)

    In that order.
  6. thats sad. and mean. might as well not even lock it up if they are going to do that.

  7. The way to prevent this is easy though. (Just time consuming)

    Lock the fram and one wheel to a post.
    Lock the other wheel to the fram (with a separate lock)
    Remove the seat and take it with you.
  8. yeah

    The funny thing is that the first 2 weeks of school I was bringing it up do my dorm every day as well as my roommate (3rd story, not too bad) and keeping it in there. We all know how big dorm rooms are though heh. So I started only bringing it in on the weekends. The following week after said 2 weeks, I was locking it up with an additional lock (for the wheels). I only did that for a couple of days though :(

    My brother's bringing up my road bike next weekend, and this time I won't be so stupid. I would just replace the couple of things that were stolen but I have to spend cash on other things at the moment. Meh
  9. fuck thieves.
    You should rig your shit to explode next time.