Ontopic So yeah, I had heart surgery


I like the AB in the GB
Oct 19, 2004
South Harmon Institute of Technology
On Sept 2th.

Born with a bicuspid Aortic Valve
With that sometimes come Aortic Dissection where the layers of heart tissue com apart.
Mine started to.
Had the original valve replaced with a human tissue valve at 25 hoping it would last 15 to 20 years. mine lasted 9. One of the leaflets on the valve tore slightly. so time to replace it.
They put in a Mechanical valve that'll out last a cockroach
they go to close me up and part of the aorta decides to spring a leak, so out comes the new valve and in goes another one attached to the upgraded graft fabric.Another 5 hours of surgery.
3 days in ICU. 10 days in the hospital.
The chief of Surgery at UVA did my operation, He's also an expert on what my condition was.

They gave me a buttload of Perc's :cool:

And now I'm here.
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whoa... Heart surgery is scary stuff. Too close to the off switch.

Glad you're okay. PM to your inbox with address to send the extra perc's. Big market for them here in the FLA now that Gov. Skeletor is cracking down on pain clinics.
Geez. We live in an amazing age of medicine.

when you consider they were able to dig into the exact center of my skull and remove a golfball sized mass through a hole about 1/4 of an inch across, yeah, I'd say we're making progress.
Do you have built in ceramic plating to protect you now, so if someone punches you in the chest your heart won't accidentally reboot or go to a blue screen?