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So, who watched Lost last night?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. ....where the hell did the body go? Was it never in the coffin to begin with? And what did the bald knife guy see?
  2. Need less network TV crap. :fly:
  3. QFT

    Moar channel 594-598
  4. I was too busy drawing clowns getting their mayo stuffed to watch tv
  5. Thats all my rabbit ears can pick up...:(
  6. Good ep.

    So far we've seen a dead body go running about and a disabled man go running about.

    Who's next? The bounty hunter guy is gonna go running about?

    I want to be stranded on a desert island with all those chicks.
    "Hey babe, we need to start working on repopulating the species..."
  7. Kate...:drool:

    That scene with her bathing in the ocean. Holy fucking ripped.

    By bounty hunter are you referring to Kate's pursuer? I kinda figured he was a bounty hunter too and not a Marshall or other law enforcement agent.

    I'm thinking that what the flashback of Jack's didn't show in the airport was that the body had to be sent separately from the coffin for health reasons, thats why there wasn't one in the casket.
  8. I watched "The 80's Stirkes back" on VH1. I love to hear all the commentary.

  9. I dunno... I don't think he would have gone all postal on the coffin if he knew there was nothing in there.

    I can't really think of a good reason why they'd take the body out of the coffin, and send it on a different plane.

    I can't think of an answer to this: What would the body have been contained in, and why wouldn't they have let the coffin go with it?

    I'm thinking that the 'answer' to what's going on is somehow supernatural. I don't think it's going to be something rational.

  10. Good one. What year?
  11. My fear is that they will go all hog wild with the supernatural crap when everything is revealed. I want there to be some supernatural elements, but I want them to remain mostly a mystery. People rising from the dead would be an example of too much supernatural crap for my tastes.

    Now, zombies lusting for brains? That would be cool.

    So, whats in the letter that Sawyer keeps reading to himself?
  12. From '87 - '89 ... I want to see form '90 - '93 when I lived in Japan.I want to see what pop culture stuff I missed on the other side of the world.

  13. To bring some estrogen to this conversation.. my dad's theory about the body was that maybe the airline didn't actually put it on the plane.
    I dont think that's what happened but it's a different viewpoint :o
    I like all the unexplained crap that's happened.
  14. I think your dad is right. And I hate unexplained crap. Well, I like it, but I want to know what the hell is going on.
  15. You gotta be patient. I think they're going to continue explaining everyone's history one at a time before they start unvailing what lives in the woods..

  16. I'm not sure that he actually 'rose' from the dead. I think Jack was seeing him, but I don't think he's alive.

    Not sure about the letter... After what happened with Locke last week, I don't think anything can be taken at face value anymore.

    Next week's episode is called "House of the Rising Sun", which is likely about Sun & Jin. Maybe we'll finally find out what the deal there is.

    My biggest question is about Hurley. If this show goes on for a while, he's gonna be dropping major pounds... Unless they find a Hostess factory on the other side of the island, or he becomes monster chow...
  17. Haha I was thinking the same thing.
    Granted it's only been 6 days but he's gotta start to feel the lack of food.. and eventually he should start droppin the pounds.
  18. I can imagine that planning meeting:

    "Yeah (actore who plays hurley), you're either gonna have to start losing some weight soon or we're gonna have to off you."
  19. what the hell is lost?

  20. I love the pace they're taking with that aspect.
    The flashback character development is great... I hate those disaster shows where they take half the show to develop the characters, then drop the nuke, smash the city with an asteroid, or whatever peril is to befall them.

    Dropping us in the middle of all this without knowing a thing about them is really cool...

    By the time we know everyone's back story, and they go full throttle into the monsters, transmissions, and the reason the plane went down in the first place - it's gonna be brilliant. (Or it better be... Damn you Abrams! IT BETTER BE!)