So...what do you guys want to see?


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Sep 30, 2004
Austin, Land of pot and...pot
Half of those that responded to the poll said that the front page either "needs moar funnay" or "needs moar variety". I'd like the front page to be a reflection of the ideas and the people that we have in this little cloister clusterfuck, so tell me what you'd like to see?

Debates between fictitious characters?
Fake advertizements?
Some sort of contest?

What would make you guys mildly proud to mention this forum in public?

Oh, and 10,000 marklar to the person whose idea(s) are implemented. Just FYI.
DirkPhoenix said:
Fair enough. You have any ideas?

From what I've seen the darma stories you posted on [M] were quite hilarious maybe more of same with the members here??
DirkPhoenix said:
...forgive me, but I don't remember what you are referring to.

Link? summary?

The one I remeber best was when you edited the sign on the guys dorm room door.

I think that was you (my memory is shot!) :D