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So, we sold our house...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. ...and now I need to come up with some cash for the closing costs on the new house. While not absolutely necessary, it would help a lot.

    Any suggestions on what kind of work I could do for the next 2 1/2 -3 1/2 months to make anywhere from 2 to 4 grand? Preferably not involving prostitution, drugs, or Mexican Donkeys.

    Mind you it would have to be after hours/weekend stuff, preferably no more then twice a week and one or two weekend days.
  2. mall worker? retail?
  3. what do you do during the day?
  4. do you live near a university? the psych department might have some opportunities to make some extra cash
  5. can you get a signature loan from your bank?
  6. rent some mail stuffing equipment and get a few of those "make hundreds per week from your own home" deals
  7. Make some internet porn.
  8. I work for a tech support company in an office.
  9. I've thought about that, but I'm not sure how it would work what with the mortgage app and everything.
  10. family member you can borrow from?
  11. Possibly, haven't broached the subject yet.
  12. also, you might ask about adding the closing costs to the home loan. i know a few who were able to do that.
  13. we did that
  14. Like I told you, the port-a-potty plant is hiring

  15. what will he do?
    Product testing?
  16. port-a-potty plants are hiring in all 50 states

    edit: FUCK, beaten
  17. Toilet molding I would guess.
  18. yes, he could test the structural integrity of the seating area :)
  19. we did that with the current house and our refi. Problem is that just ups the monthly payment, which I don't want to do.
  20. for the double wide model?