So... to Sleep Number or not

kiwi said:
Well, if you didn't feel the need to buy a new house every six months, that may not be a problem. :fly:

We just have a dinky mattress so I can't add to the thread, but when we do buy a new one (hopefully sooner than later) we are definitely getting a california king (and at least a pillowtop). Maybe after that all four of us will fit in the bed comfortably.

:sob: no I can't :(

California King's are heavy suckers, we had to get a regular king cuz of the two fat cats
wonko80 said:
As far as pillowtops are concerned...

I remember when we were buying our last mattress the guy told us pillowtops were a waste of money because that layer of extra padding would eventually flatten out long before the bed was worn out.

Of course, you ask them what type they have, and they say pillowtop. Perhpas it was because they can actually get good deals on them.

They are the most comfortable in the store though.
If you get one with the pillowtop on each side and flip every month or so, they don't flatten out
ceiling fly said:
100% cotton with a medium thread count. No silk, no sateen, nothing with a tight weave. While it does limit you somewhat in sheets (but not really), the comfort MORE than makes up for it.

You are the gayest person alive. Like WAY more gay than me.
My parents bought a Sleep Number after some friends of theirs had raved about it. During the '30 day trial' they thought it was "ok". They were still adjusting to the different mattress but didn't hate it. It took them about 3 months to decide that they weren't going to get use to it and that they didn't like it. With all the mixed reviews about them I wouldn't spend a dime on em.

BadMojo said:
Those were my absolute favorite. I was very sad when we got the new bed because they don't fit. :(

I love the beech sheets but they are a little too thin. They're like sleeping with tissue sheets and they get pulls easily from the cats claws. Now if you want some seriously comfortable sheets go to Target for some Fieldcrest 600-Thread-Count sheets. We bought these Fieldcrest sheets last year and I literally can't get out of the bed when they're on there. ...seriously... They are the softest most comfortable sheets I've ever slept in. :drool:
Drool-Boy said: