So, sleekawk asked me out on a date...




Sleekawk: Hey man, you want to head on over to that Women's Liberation meeting thing they're having down on 5th and Hancock?
smileynev: .
Sleekawk: Or we could go to that Save the Rainforest fundraiser at the coffee bar down the street from me.
smileynev: .
Sleekawk: I dunno what to do. Maybe we should just stay in and watch my WWF tapes. I hear they have a new one about the Pandas.
smileynev: ,
This thread has taken a turn for the worse. I applaud you elpmis. *clap clap*
Sleeman: i've often thought that if i was a goat, i'd want to fuck a fox
smileyh0le: o rly
Sleeman: yeah, i mean that big bushy tail swinging in the air
Sleeman: all raised up showing off the bumh0lio
smileyh0le: dude, you'd make a great fluffer
April: if you're into gay horse porn, i'd fluff you
Sleeman: nope, i don't do horses....just foxes :drool: