So many perks in my company.....


Piccolo Pete
Oct 14, 2004
Columbus, OH
Yet this one destroys them all.

Got a call on Thursday to make sure I would be there in the morning to repair the CEO's laptop.

I show up early on Friday and call the Assistant letting her know I was ready, she says she'll call me when she gets the laptop.

I just got the laptop.

2 hours left for work on a Friday and I'm going to have to re-install the entire laptop in that time. :mad:
If you throw it against a wall and say it was like that when you got it I bet they'll let you wait until Monday to fix it.
Ah the glamorous lives of IT people.

Fast cars.



It's a surprised more people don't try to get into this business.
fly said:
I'm doing new PC rollouts all day. Our Dell GX280s fucking suck. They lock up randomly and have to be hard booted.

:rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:

Really? our 280's our sweet.

Fortunately the hard drives' dead so I'll be allowed to leave at 5:00 pm