so...labor day plans?

InnerMuse said:
From KnightRider? I thought her name was Bonnie?

The original girl was April, I do believe. Bonnie took over later.

edit> Not that I have watched the show or anything :shifty:
InnerMuse said:
Oh, and the Leia bikini is way over done. Suggest something ...different.

yeah, I thought about that after I posted

how about princess from battle of the planets/g-force? :fly:
I had the hots for her bad when I was 8

I want to go somewhere before I start Univ again.

Paris is a perhaps at the minute, but I really liked Windsor (outside London) really nice spot. I've only been to France once, and it was fleeting. Can anyone recommend somewhere decent in Europe?

I'm thinking Copenhagen, perhaps. Amsterdam is boring, as is most of the Netherlands/Germany/Belgium region as it all pretty much looks the same, has the same stuff and is filled with tourists.