So, I'm jammin' out to some old punk...


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Nov 19, 2004
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April23 said:
Bad Religion, Operation Ivy... :haaay:

mmm mmm good. op ivy ALWAYS makes me feel good.

Sound system gonna bring me back up
One thing that I can depend on

Try to describe to the limit of my ability:
Its there for a second
Then it's given up what it used to be
Contained in my music somehow more than just sound
This inspiration coming and twisting things around
Because you always know that its gonna have to go
You always know that you'll be back in the cold.
Point of depatrure sublimated in a song
Its always coming to give me that hope for just a second
Then its gone but!

Sound system gonna bring me back up
One thing that I can depend on

Static pulse inside of music bringing us escape
Its always temporary changing nothing in its wake
Just a second where were leaving all this shit behind
Just a second but its leaving just this much in mind:
To resist despair that second makes you see
To resist despair because you cant change everything
To resist despair in this world is what it is to be free

Sound system gonna bring me back up
One thing that I can depend on

Wake up turn my box on
Bust the shade let the sun in
times getting tougher bout time to start runnin
Box in my hand music by my side
Skanking to the rhythm of the music by my side


happily neverafter said:
word has it that Jaxxor is being converted into a Social D fan :fly:

Word has it that Jaxxor is a flaming homo who goes out with some chick to hide the fact that he likes to stoop older men.


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Sep 30, 2004
happily neverafter said:
For reals. Next thing you know he'll be wanting to borrow my Social D hoodie :sigh: fanboys are scary....
I've seen him sing Eric Clapton to Karaoke... he's hitting his all time lows. Save him while you can. :hs:


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Oct 14, 2004
fly said:
I just bought some turntables that Ive had for over 2 years in my house. I felt obligated to buy them cause I've had them so long. :hs:

Jesus Christ! you just NOW payed for those things. When did you get them? You suck at the returning huh?