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so, i'm doing my laundry...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by CletusJones, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. and when I pull my t-shirts and stuff out of the dryer, a thong flips into my basket too. :eek:

    It's a "v-string" from Victoria Secret, size small. I know it's not my girlfriend's because she a) doesn't wear those from VS, and b) she's a medium or large in anything she gets from VS, and c) i've never seen this thong before

    So, after a minute of reflecting at it, I set it down on top of the dryer and left it there. It has to belong to one of the girls next door, they're about my age, maybe a little younger (i'm 24) and they're both little hotties that look like they could fit into a "small" thong.

    If it's still there when I get my next load out of the dryer, I'm going to take pics.
  2. post pics, you'll get some good karma.
  3. like i said, if they're still there next time o go down there, i'll post pics.
  4. my maid is in fuckin brazil for a month i hate doing laundry :(
  5. I'm just agreeing with the idea of you posting pics. :)
  6. I think we need pics of your girlfriend's thongs*, just for comparison.

    *while she's wearing them.

  7. How do you afford a maid with the massive amount of money you spend on beer? :wtf:
  8. Mondoz - I have some pics like that, but I'm not sharing. :D

    And to all that have eagerly awaited, the panties are still there.
  9. You're so mean... :(
  10. When do we get pics of the potential owners?
  11. i dunno, i don't think they'd understand if i asked them to take pics of them since the intarwebnet has seen their panties. i have a feeling i'd get smacked.
  12. maybe later, i'll ask her.

  13. Think of it as a science experiment.
    Put on a lab coat, and get a pocket protector. Trick them into being part of your 'study'.
  14. You're so cool.

  15. haha, well halloween is coming up... let me think about it.
  16. :heart:
  17. I wish someone would have walked in while you were taking a pic of those. :fly:
  18. Well, that settles it, they definitely aren't mine :fly:
  19. And you didn't sniff them? And you call yourself a man. Psh.
  20. put them on your head and take pics