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So I noticed something this morning..

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. ..I was watching the today show, and Al Roker comes on to do the weather , and that man has lost a LOT of weight. I mean the man looks like a stick now. Hes lost a lot of weight....everywhere except for his head.
    His damn head is as blobby and round as it was when he was packin away 5 buckets of KFC a day. WTF is head fat harder to lose than other fat? He looks like a big brown weather spewing lolly-pop ffs.
    I guess they cant liposuction your head for fear of sucking your brains out?
    What gives?
  2. maybe he's just storing "nuts" because the winter is coming

  3. You know, his jowles did look a bit lumpy.
    Altho hes able to speak very clearly.
    I must dissect Al Rokers head.

    edit - I hope he wont mind.
  4. Well, they still have the AccuWeather radar unit in his head, they've got to get it transferred to a belt-mounted setup.
  5. head fat is hard to lose. no real major muscle up there to burn off the excess fat.
  6. he needs to start chewing gum like a madman to strengthen his head:lol:
  7. This is what Im talkin about:


    Im mean, thats just disturbing....

  8. ahahahahah :D
  9. Or steam it or something.

  10. wash it in hot water and nuke it in the dryer:D
  11. On high for 90 minutes should do it.

  12. The problem is separating the head from the body
    I fear they may have a symbiotic relationship
  13. They can do some amazing things with glue these days.
  14. I wonder if his weather forecasting abilities are somehow tied to the size and fatness of his head?
    Like Samson and his hair?
  15. He needs one of those excess skin removal operations.

    Plus he just got a big head. Its like an orange on a toothpick.