so I met this girl in a bar...



She was just kind of staring off and looking bored, so I eased my glass of bourbon over next to her and tried to start up a conversation. It didn't go well, she was playing too hard to get, and I wasn't much interested in her Lincoln Logs. After a few rounds I headed off for greener pastures. I did get a pic though:

ChikkenNoodul said:
You gotta mention Dora the Explorer these days to get in with that crowd

I'm too out of touch. I could talk some Carmen Sandiego, but that might be too cerebral for her.
fly said:
Too bad its a chick, huh?
"You know I was in Dolce & Gabanna yesterday searching DESPERATELY for a new top to wear on my date with Steve, when, you know the cutie with the big....brooown....eyes? Was in the dressing room NEXT to me, and you know, one thing led to another.......I felt bad about leaving Steve so I showed up at his place at three AM....."