so, i just saw the spongebob movie...


Oct 15, 2004
It was pretty hilarious I'd have to say. But then again, I was pretty stoned.

Plankton comes over from the Cum Bucket (or something) restaurant from across the street and steals the recipie for krabby patties. hilarity ensues. keke
Forrest Dump said:
I was at the autorama today and they had some dude in a giant sponge bob suit
I wanted to go knock him over, but I wasnt ready to be escorted off the premesis yet.
:lol: that's great. as a general rule I won't watch spongebob unless i'm pretty fucked up, and then it's hilarious.
i hate spongebob with a passion. what else is out that is good i'm bored.
spongebob is rather well written. it is quite funny. the cartoon that is, i havent seen the movie.

and go right ahead and laugh at me, i find the show hilarious.