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WTF So I just dick'd my butt

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. pedantry
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  2. Some fucking internal profile page bullshit.
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  3. Pretty sure I said "don't be dicks"
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  4. Don't be pedantic.
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  5. Fixing boats?

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  6. To be fair, I totally would have put "pedantry" on my internal profile page.

    Shit, my internal profile page at my work says, "I'm a stupid man who does stupid things to stupid Nissans".
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  7. "not knowing how to stop acquiring new projects"
  8. "The ability to not ask ridiculous questions."
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  9. "Preternatural levels of patience in dealing with asinine questions on a company survey."
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  10. at one gig we had a new ticketing system where the profile pages were never used and I realized that I could mark myself as a VIP within the system. it required a title so I put Time Lord

    took a few hours before someone noticed the VIP mark and removed it but I kept my Time Lord status for years
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  11. you tell that fish to dry off!
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  12. 40 character limit (WTF?)
  13. Containing my rage at this question.
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  14. isn't the question "what is your secret super power?"

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  15. Gold
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  16. my former ssgt one time called me to say he was doing one of those corporate surveys and it asked him what super hero he would want to be. he actually wrote down "I put my superhero uniform on every day I was in the Corps. Oorah"

    he was always hilariously motarded :lol:
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  17. Tha fuck? :lol:
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  18. to be honest, thats the best possible answer.
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    A few weeks ago I found a numbered survey questionnaire in my mailbox at / from my work place. Everyone got one. It read please feel free to remain anonymous.
    The first question was who is your immediate supervisor followed by what is your primary function? The rest was the usual are you happy / how are we the management team doing type stuff.

    They weren't looking for opinions, they were looking for insubordinates.